How to Find Novels on JJWXC

This is one question that other translators and readers have frequently asked me. How do I find all the novels I’m reading?

Shoko has written an excellent guide explaining how to register for JJWXC, buy chapters, reward authors etc. However, there is a more general guide on how to use JJWXC. I will be going into the specifics of how I find my novels using various methods.

First Method: General Rankings List

For the first method, if you go to jjwxc’s homepage,, you will something similar to the below image. I think there used to be novel titles in each box but it isn’t loading for me.

Google translate doesn’t really work on the titles so it can be hard to tell what each square leads to. For those who want the BL novels, it is actually easy to tell because BL is usuallly paired with the No CP genre. So click on the box that says ‘CP’ and it will take you to another page.

This is a rankings and recommendations page that is updated weekly/ every two weeks. I generally click on the covers/titles that attract my attention. However, since this is a combined rankings page for BL, yuri and no pairing, you have to be careful to check the genre of the novel.

The way I generally do that is to click on the novel page. The top right will contain a box with various information about the novel.

Look at the very first line which says article type. If it says ‘Pure Love’ then that is a BL novel.

Second Method: Specialized Genre Rankings List

The second method I use is for a more specialized rankings list of specific genres in the BL category. This might be hard to see when using google translate on the page because it disappears. I actually didn’t know it existed for a while until I accidentally misclicked. This is what it looks like for me with google translate.

Nothing can really be seen. Now if I turn off google translate, it will look completely different.

You can see on the purple bar that there are various white words. These are the specific genres. There are seven sections and in order, they are (rough translations):

I have linked all of it to allow you to find it more easier. I generally only go to the first two pages since I’m not a huge ancient/historical fan. These are ranking pages similar to the one before, but more specialized in genre.

However, please note that novels on these rankings are generally new and ongoing novels. They will only have a few chapters. In my experience, I’ve found that most of them have less than 30 chapters. It is good if you like reading new novels and following along as the author updates.

Third Method: Search Function

The third and final method I use is JJWXC’s search function. One quick way is to use the search bar at the top of the page. You don’t have to click on any of the boxes. You can just click inquire at the end and it will take you to the search page, where you can do a more in-depth search. Or you can click on this link for the search page.

I will go through each of the options and explain what they are.

  • Scope: This is an option that I generally ignore and leave as Unlimited. I think it is the type of novel i.e. VIP (paid) or free. I’m not certain about this one since I don’t use it.
  • Issuing Time: This is the time when the first chapter is released (I think?). There are a lot of options for this one and it goes back many years. This allows you to search between old novels or newer novels. I generally prefer to tick ‘within two months’ or ‘within the first quarter.’
  • Originality: I tend to leave this as unlimited or derivative. I’m not certain about the derivative genre but I think it tends to be based on already existing works. For example. I see a lot of fanfics/concepts taken from Japanese manga like Naruto in this genre. I don’t like these types of novels so I generally ignore it. Therefore, I’m not the expert on the derivative genre and don’t take my word for it. You can try exploring to see if it goes beyond my explanation.
  • Sexuality: This is where you choose between romance, BL, GL or No CP. Of course, I normally tick Pure Love (BL)
  • Era: Use this box to decide if you want modern, fantasy future (e.g. interstellar), ancient or historical. I’m not certain which one cultivation falls into between antique and historical since I generally ignore these two, so you can explore it if you are after those types of novels.
  • Type: You can choose the genre of novel here. I generally leave this as unlimited because there are a lot more tags further down where you can narrow it down a lot.
  • Style: Self explanatory. You can choose the style of the novel whether it is funny or relaxed.

Next, I will be going into one of my favorite functions of JJWXC’s search, the tags.

JJWXC has a long list of tags that you can choose from. It is so long that my screenshot doesn’t even fit all of it. So let’s say you are looking for a book transmigration novel. Click on the + sign beside ‘wear book’ and the tag ‘wear book’ will go into the ‘include tag’ section at the top.

Now if you want to remove a tag and search for something else, DO NOT click on the – sign next to the tag. This will send it to the ‘exclude tag’ section. It means that it will automatically exclude anything with that tag from the search. If you have ‘wear book’ in both ‘include tag’ and ‘exclude tag’, nothing will happen.

If you want to remove a tag, you have to click on it in the ‘include tag’ or ‘exclude tag’ section and it will be removed.

You can also add a keyword but this isn’t really that useful unless you know Chinese. Or you can type something like ABO into it and try to narrow it down to ABO.

Finally, you can sort by ‘collection of words’ which is the number of people who have bookmarked the novel. ‘Update time’ is by novels that have recently been updated. ‘Issuing time’ is the date that the first chapter was released. ‘Work Points’ is the number of points that the novel has received.

Once all this has been decided, just click the search button and a list will be generated for you. I generally just open the first 10 or 20 on the list in different tabs, read the summaries and decide if it is something I’m interested in or not.

Viola! These are the three methods I normally use to find the novels I read. I check the rankings list every week (they are generally updated some time on Thursday China time) while I use the search function once a month or once every two months.

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