Criminal Investigation Notes


Status: 169 chapters (Completed)

Tags: crime solving, psychology

Summary: ML is the leader of a criminal investigations team. During a difficult task, he comes across the weak and sickly MC, who is a psychology/profiling (? don’t remember which one) teacher. MC helps him with the case and eventually ends up joining the team. Along the way, they explore the MC’s mysterious past.

Thoughts: This is set in the same world as Criminal Investigation Files, which is being translated on Novelupdates. They are similar but I like this one a bit more. I found the cases and the relationship between the MC and ML a bit more interesting.

MC isn’t your typical strong MC in crime solving novels. Due to an incident in his past, he is extremely weak and slightly blind and deaf, but he has an extremely smart mind that he uses to help our strong ML with the cases. The relationship between MC and ML is excellent. There is a past connection that both of them are unaware of and the novel slowly unravels this throughout the course of the novel. Really good novel for those who like mysteries and crime solving.

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