After Death, I Became Famous


Status: 117 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Double rebirth, painting, sections of entertainment circle, Gong MC.

Summary: Gong MC is reborn in the body of a fake young master. Shou MC was his apprentice and reborn into the body of a rich young master who has a scary, gangster reputation. MC was a painter in his previous life and always underestimated his skills because he never got famous. Then after being reborn, he found out that after his death, he become extremely famous. 

Thoughts: I pondered over what section to put this in but to me, it feels like a typical entertainment novel, only the MC is a painter instead of an artist. Since MC’s first work is acting as the stand-in painter for a drama, people keep expecting him to enter the entertainment circle. Meanwhile, he just wants to paint.

ML is cute because he is reborn in this gangster young master while he actually likes sweet things and pink. However, he can’t reveal it due to his reputation. A good read so far but a bit frustrating that ML still hasn’t realized that MC is his master up to where I’ve read. Currently paused.

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