After Transmigrating as the Protagonist of a Mary Sue Novel, I Bent


Tags: Entertainment, sweet

Summary: MC woke up from a dream and realized he was in a book world and he was the male lead who did many stupid things to gain the female lead (FL) including killing someone. ML is the person he killed and a movie emperor, who also had a dream about what happened. MC wants to change the plot of the novel and refuses to have anything to do with the FL. He ends up signing up to film a danmei movie where the ML is the other lead.

Thoughts: This novel is basically about them filming the BL movie and getting together. The FL isn’t in it as much as the summary implies and is basically just a prop for their relationship. The movie they’re filming is about vampires, so the novel is pretty se*y, with detailed descriptions of biting, kissing etc. However, it does slow down a bit after the MC and ML gets together and the filming of the movie can feel dragged out. Still, the relationship is great and the extras are really sweet.

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1 month ago

this one isnt translated even in mtl? seems pretty interesting..

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