Immortal Koi is Going to Debut


Status: 145 chapters (completed)

Tags: Entertainment, supernatural fantasy, sweet.

Summary: MC is a koi with a pure yin body. His grandfather warns him that those with a heavy yang will want to approach or attack him. He goes down from the mountain to find his brother and ends up entering the entertainment circle, I think because his brother is a bigshot in the entertainment industry and he can’t meet his brother.

He enters a competition for trainees and ends up meeting the ML, a popular actor who has a heavy yang. Thus, MC keeps being frightened of ML because he thinks the ML wants to eat him.

Thoughts: MC is a bit naïve and cute. I also like that he has a good relationship with the people he dorms with in the competition. After the competition, they end up forming a debut group due to various reasons and two of these group members are a side CP. From what I remember, ML is cold but likes teasing MC and his brother (one of the side CP and MC’s friend). ML also has a bad relationship with MC’s brother.

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