My Artists are Reborn


English Translation Link:

Status: 189 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Completed

Tags: Entertainment, supernatural, ghosts, rebirth

Summary: MC is an agent whose artists keep leaving him after they became popular. Then MC visits the memorial of a famous rock singer who died a long time ago (ML) and ends up seeing the ghost. ML’s ghost accompanies him to visit MC’s next artist, only to come after the artist committed suicide. ML’s ghost is sucked into the body and he is reborn in this artist’s body.

Thoughts: MC has powerful connections due to a background that isn’t revealed yet. ML is a singer and pretty OP. Where I got up to, MC obtained his next artist, an excellent actress who became a ghost and was reborn after coming across another girl who committed suicide (have to suspend some disbelief at this). In any case, seems interesting so far and I like that ML isn’t the only one who is reborn and OP, no matter how eye-rolling the setup.

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