My Idol’s Vest Fell Again


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Status: 206 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Ongoing

Tags: Entertainment, OP main characters, rebirth

Summary: MC is like the character of a quick transmigration novel. He transmigrated to all these worlds and completed his mission. The novel’s premise is what happens after he completes all the missions. He is reborn in his original world at an early point in his life. At the start of the novel, he has already been reborn for many years and established multiple identities such as a genius songwriter, genius guitarist, genius writer, genius painter, etc. Now he has entered the entertainment world to change his fate and that of some people around him.

Thoughts: As can be seen from the premise, MC is OP OP OP OP. Has to be repeated multiple times because of how OP he is. This is basically a story of how he enters the entertainment industry and his multiple identities get revealed one by one, faceslapping his enemies. ML is also the typical richest businessman type, but he can also be really cute, especially when he pursues the MC and doesn’t know what to do. Good novel to read if you’re in the mood for face-slapping and extremely OP MC. The novel cover is also really cute.

Update: Really don’t like the last arc. The author had to change some of what they planned due to coronavirus and it showed. It was really rushed and way too patriotic for me. Slightly disappointing since I enjoyed the other arcs. Also, the author changed the cover and I prefer the old one

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