Transmigrated into the Film Emperor’s Death-Seeking Fiance


NU LInk:

Status: 289 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Ongoing.

Tags: Entertainment, male pregnancy, sweet relationship, happy family

Summary: MC transmigrates into the body of a cannon fodder who was in love with a scum male, so he refused the marriage of the ML, only to be killed by the scum. ML originally had a white moonlight in his heart but the white moonlight loved someone else. After the white moonlight went abroad to chase the other person, ML decided to give up on him and follow the marriage his family arranged for him. Since he likes men, he asked for the marriage to be switched from MC’s sister to MC. The original body refused but after MC transmigrated, he agreed to the marriage.

Thoughts: I really like the relationship here. They both enter the marriage knowing they don’t love each other but are determined to make it work. They don’t hesitate to act like a real married couple, including having s*x on the wedding night, and things gradually develop. ML is firm in his determination to give up the white moonlight (WM) and decisively cuts things off when WM returns. WM and his lover do try and cause trouble for MC though.

One thing I really like about this novel is that ML already adopted a child at the beginning, so there is extreme fluff as they raise their extremely cute son. MC can also become pregnant. His logic is funny in that ML= one of the male protagonists who can get the other protagonist (WM) pregnant. Since MC took the place of the WM, he can also get pregnant.

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