Elf Survival Manual

Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3181157

Status: 194 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Fantasy, magic, transmigration, NPCs.

Summary: MC is sick and can’t play the game anymore. As he logged in one last time to say farewell to the demon king, everyone in the castle including MC, demon king and his monster subordinates were summoned to another world by the god/consciousness of that world to save it. MC is in his game character body; an elf and he words with the demon king to transform the world using his elf magic.

Thoughts: MC and ML are both OP. ML and his subordinates seem aware of some of the abilities of gamers and ends up tricking some cash store stuff from the players, which they reproduce with their knowledge. In the game, ML falls in love with MC and keeps kidnapping him, only for the light side to kidnap him back. I like the fact that whenever MC logged out of the game, ML knows that the character left behind isn’t him, showing he fell in love with MC, not the character. After transmigrating to the other world, their relationship is fairly easy and there isn’t much drama. It’s more about building up their power and helping transform the world.

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