After Being Fancied by a Necromancer


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Status: 88 Chapters (completed)

Tags: Transmigration, Western fantasy, magic, necromancy.

Summary: MC is bound to a system and willingly transmigrates to what he thinks is the Harry Potter world, only to end up in another world that still contains magic, but with a slightly different twist. He meets ML, who is a necromancer, and ends up going to magic school.

Thoughts: I really liked this novel at first. I liked the whole magic and school aspect and wished there was more focus on that. I was actually going to pick this up, but several factors changed my mind. First, the ending is a lot more rushed than I thought. Then as I was translating the first few chapters, I realized how young the MC actually was (he didn’t seem like it because he transmigrated to a younger body). Therefore, I decided not to translate it anymore but I have released the chapters I translated as a teaser.

Meanwhile, ML is a necromancer and not the best person. When he first met, he thought MC had nice bones and wanted to kill him to obtain the bones. So yes, his sense of morals isn’t the greatest. 

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