Reviews of all the gaming-themed BL novels that I’ve read.

For Love of the Game (息影后他成了电竞大神)

NU Link:

Status: 323 chapters (completed)

Tags: Gaming, e-sports, multiple couples

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I Grow Vegetables in a Holographic Game (我在全息游戏里种菜)

Status: 88 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Holographic game, transmigration, rebirth.

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I, a Merman, Raise Children with In-Game Purchases (我,人鱼,氪金养崽)

Status: 77 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Gaming, creature main characters, child-raising, sweet

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Later, He Became A Royal Healer (後來,他成了御用奶媽)

English Translation Link:

Status: 141 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Gaming, live streaming, sweet.

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Number One Player (頭號​​玩家)

Status: 295 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Unlimited flow, system, abilities, games

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Shock! Gaming  Male God is My First Love (震惊!电竞男神竟是我初恋)

Status: 78 chapters (Completed)

Tags: sweet, gaming, e-sports, getting back together. 

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The NPC I Raised is Alive (我撩过的NPC活了)

Status: 107 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Fantasy, entertainment, gaming, pregnancy.

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