For Love of the Game


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Status: 323 chapters (completed)

Translation status: Ongoing

Tags: Gaming, e-sports

Summary: MC is the son of a famous actor who followed his father into the entertainment industry, only to become the most famous vase known for his beautiful looks and terrible acting. He eventually retires and decides to pursue his dream as an e-sports player. ML is the captain of an e-sports team who eventually persuades MC’s hidden identity (a famous anchor whose identity is unknown) into joining his team.

Thoughts: This is basically extremely similar to God Level Summoner, only MC and ML are on the same team. Just like GLS, there are multiple CPS whose stories are expanded on in the extras. There is a part that involved winning the main tournament and there is also the world competition.  Since it is an e-sports novel, there is a lot of focus on the games and some parts can feel like it drags on a bit. But those of you who like God Level Summoner will also probably like this.

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