I Grow Vegetables in a Holographic Game

Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4312927

Status: 88 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Holographic game, transmigration, rebirth.

Summary: MC transmigrates into a holographic game. He decides he wants to be the strongest player and the system helps him with them. Then he was betrayed by someone and killed. He was reborn and this is the start of the novel. Rather than choosing to become the stronger player, he pretends to be a NPC and just wants to live a leisurely life farming and owning an inn, which the system also helps him with by posting tasks and giving food ingredients as a reward.

ML is a player in the game and due to his cousin’s hacking (?)/ meddling, his character is a small child at first. Eventually, he is able to switch between his child form and adult form.

Thoughts: It might be a holographic game but this is basically a food novel. The backdrop is a future interstellar world where a lot of the food knowledge has been lost and food is basically disgusting. The holographic game is an attempt by scholars and others to reproduce the past, thus having a medieval fantasy backdrop. Since all food knowledge has been lost, the MC’s cooking skills are basically the best and he attracts all the best players to him using his food.

Ignoring the setting, read if you like food novels like the Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast. The relationship between MC and ML is also starting to progress where it is up to where I read it. I have paused it and haven’t finished reading all of it.

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