The NPC I Raised is Alive


Status: 107 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Fantasy, entertainment, gaming, pregnancy.

Summary: MC raises a husband and son in a love mobile game. ML knows he is in a game and starts exerting power over the game world, eventually escaping the game with their mermaid son. The story after that is about MC and ML in the entertainment world.

Thoughts: An okay story, but many unrealistic aspects e.g. MC’s dad is the head of an entertainment company while MC’s other dad is a scientist, who experimenting to make MC (I think?) He also dosed MC with all this stuff when young, making him immune to aphrodisiacs.

MC is extremely wealthy and spends a lot of money on raising his husband and son in the game. I wish there was more regarding the MC and ML, as they easily get together but then separate as both are busy with their jobs. Don’t really get the sweet feeling. Their mermaid son is cute though. I didn’t tag it with mpreg because MC’s game character was a female and he technically gave birth with a female body.

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