Number One Player


Status: 295 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Unlimited flow, system, abilities, games

Summary: MC gains a system. He thought he was just playing games, only to find out that the games affect reality. E.g. He is a demon king in a castle raising monsters. Once he cleared it, the castle along with the monsters appeared in reality. He played a hero raising game and then people start developing abilities in reality, including him.

Making videos game means he ends up making videos out of all the games he plays afterwards and the videos are released on the Internet. However, the videos are slightly changed to show how it would happen in reality. Eventually, people think the MC’s video ID is a prophet because his videos predict what will happen for one week in the future.

Thoughts: I haven’t finished reading this. I got up to chapter 200 before stopping to stack up chapters and never got back into it. Don’t expect a lot of romance in this. At the part where I got up to, the ML isn’t even clear yet, let alone them getting together. However, the storyline and games are quite interesting. Don’t expect brain/puzzle games like the Earth is Online. They are more like actually games (examples above).

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