Shock! Gaming  Male God is My First Love


Status: 78 chapters (Completed)

Tags: sweet, gaming, getting back together. 

Summary: MC is a teacher and he inadvertently discovers that his ex-boyfriend and first love is actually a male god in the e-sports circle. ML has retired and was a coach, until he took a one year break to chase the MC again. 

Thoughts:  Short and extremely sweet novel about MC and ML getting back together. There is a bit of angst (not too much) at the beginning as they work through the reasons for the original breakup but it is mainly sweet.

There isn’t much gaming in the novel so if you’re not into that aspect, you don’t have to worry. There is some gaming parts at the end where the ML goes back to coach a team. The games aren’t descriptive and it mainly involves some interactions with the team members.

ML is the extremely shameless type. Overall, a really good and sweet read.

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