The Emperor’s Favorite Imperial Concubine is an O

Raws Title: (帝王的宠妃是个O)

Author: 顾之君


Status: 98 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Historical, transmigration, ABO, mpreg

The Story:

Our MC is an omega from an interstellar world. One day, he finds himself transmigrating to Earth during the ancient times as someone who was given to the tyrant emperor. He thought he would quickly die and tried everything to appease the emperor as much as possible. Meanwhile, he gives off a faint tempting smell to the emperor and this manages to calm the emperor down. To everyone’s surprise, the person they thought would die immediately ends up lasting a long time by the emperor’s side.

There are some small aspects of ABO. Our MC is from a world where ABO is well known but in ancient China, only a few people are alpha/omega and they don’t really know the details of what it entails. In this ABO version, each omega/alpha has a beast form. In ancient China, those involved only know about the beast form and it is generally a thing that is hidden. It isn’t well-known.

Main Characters:

MC: Wen Mingyu. Wen Mingyu is an omega with a rabbit form. He is playful and mischievous. He is constantly acting around the emperor and pretending not to fear the emperor in order to avoid being killed. Meanwhile, when the emperor is gone, he vents his emotions in other words such as writing stories where he is the master and the emperor is the servant who goes through all sorts of misfortunes. He can still transform into his rabbit form and is constantly doing so.

As the novel progresses, he is still silly and playful but he gradually matures. He becomes a famous writer (under a pseudonym), goes to school and becomes increasingly involved with government matters. One funny moment is when he experiences a false pregnancy, like rabbits do, and thinks he is pregnant for a while. He does eventually get pregnant at the end of the story.

ML: Mu Zhan. The emperor and an alpha with a dragon form. He is considered a tyrant at the beginning of the novel due to his ruthless means of dealing with those who displease him. There is no imperial harem because he killed everyone who was previously sent to him. Therefore, everyone is expecting Wen Mingyu to soon die. He had a bad experience growing up and rarely transforms into his full dragon form. He usually only lets out his horns around Wen Mingyu when he is agitated. Eventually, he does transform into full dragon form and takes Wen Mingyu on a ride. This was seen by many people and was considered an auspicious sign.

The Romance:

Very sweet romance. In the beginning, their relationship isn’t the best. Wen Mingyu was afraid of being killed and constantly flirting and acting like he liked Mu Zhan. Meanwhile, Mu Zhan alternates between ignoring Wen Mingyu while feeling curious about Wen Mingyu, so he is also doing small actions to test Wen Mingyu. Eventually, they both fall for each other but don’t really admit it. The change comes in their relationship when Wen Mingyu accidentally transforms into a rabbit in front of Mu Zhan. Before even seeing Mu Zhan’s reaction, he was afraid of how Mu Zhan would react and ran away.

This is only a few chapters in the novel as Mu Zhan easily finds him and takes him back. It still takes them a while for them to officially enter a relationship but this period is sweet. Mu Zhan is possessive and easily jealous, but he never does anything to Wen Mingyu. For example, the fake pregnancy. Wen Mingyu thinks he is really pregnant and Mu Zhan is crazy jealous about who the other father is, because he wasn’t in a relationship Wen Mingyu at the time and it wasn’t possible for him to be the father. Eventually, he decides that Wen Mingyu was taken advantage of during the short period when he runs away. He doesn’t show any of this to Wen Mingyu and decides that he will look after the children, even though they’re not his. Of course, his reaction is hilarious when he finds out that it is just a fake pregnancy.

Mu Zhan always lets Wen Mingyu do what he wants, whether it is writing novels or going to school. He is sweet and doting. He does love teasing Wen Mingyu though, especially after finding the novel of the master and servant that is based on himself. After that, he loved roleplaying as the servant when in private. He also doesn’t care about what his officials think and formally marries Wen Mingyu.

Side Characters:

The main focus is on Wen Mingyu and Mu Zhan but there are a range of side characters who are distinctive, despite their brief appearances.

There is Wen Mingyu’s relative, a general who is a big and strong man but who is also relatively stupid and loves rabbits. He raises multiple rabbits and is extremely jealous when he sees the emperor raising a rabbit (Wen Mingyu) who is extremely obedient and close to the emperor.

There is also a stupid husky who loves playing with Wen Minghyu in his rabbit form. Then in the second half of the novel, there are Wen Mingyu’s friends at school who each show distinct and great personalities.

Finally, we can’t forget our main couple’s children at the end of the novel. They are twin boys and girls and are extremely cute in the few child-raising chapters we have of them.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a short and cute read. For those who know me, I don’t normally like historical novels and this is evident in the small number of historical novels I have read. I really like this one because it wasn’t too hard to read. It mainly focused on their relationship and didn’t go deep into palace machinations and other complicated things. Of course, this can mean that world building is a bit lacking. They didn’t go that much into details of ABO, MC’s pats and the reason for the transmigration.

Read this for the sweet and funny relationship between Wen Mingyu and Mu Zhan. In addition, there are extras where our MC and ML are placed in different settings such as fantasy or modern. In conclusion, a really good read when you are in the mood for something sweet.

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