Reviews of all the interstellar-themed BL novels that I’ve read.

After Marrying a Big Man, I Became the Most Popular Star of the Interstellar Network (跟大人物結婚後我成了星際第一網紅)

Status: 141 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Interstellar, beasts, transmigration, sweet, wealthy family

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Bursting After He Transmigrated into the Cannon Fodder Omega (穿成炮灰O后他A爆了)

NU Link:

Status: 92 Chapters (Completed)

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, omegaverse, mecha

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Divine Stone Gambling Master (Interstellar) (神级赌石师(星际))

Status: 100 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Future, interstellar, transmigrated from apocalypse, abilities, mecha

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Farming with Interstellar People (和星际人民一起种田)

Status: 252 Chapters (ongoing, regular updates)

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, beastmen, farming, slice of life, gaming

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Meow, I’m Not Full Yet (喵,朕还没吃饱[星际])

Status: 96 chapters (completed)

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, cat, food, sweet.

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Sharing System (系统共享中)

Status: 84 chapters (completed)

NU Link:

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, system, holographic game, crossing worlds, dragon

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The Big Fox is Fluffy and Cute (大狐狸毛茸茸可爱)

Status: 110 chapters (completed )

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, fluffy, beastmen

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