The Big Fox is Fluffy and Cute


Status: 110 chapters (completed )

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, fluffy, beastmen

Summary: MC who has wood powers, transmigrates to an interstellar world with beastmen. Beastmen can contract with beasts or plants and they have beast/plant patterns. They also often have an illness called mental disorders. MC’s father is affected by this illness and he has to shoulder the burden of his family. He found that these patterns are incomplete and by repairing them with his natural wood powers, he can heal their mental disorders.

ML is a beastman the empire’s system matches him with to be married. ML is also affected by a mental disorder so he is in a half human-half beast (fox) state. MC loves fluffy animals so he doesn’t care about this. For a while, ML can’t speak until he is healed by MC.

Thoughts: Extremely fluffy and cute novel. MC is OP and none of the events in the novel really troubles him. Some face-slapping. The thing I liked is that some of the characters that MC face slaps learn from it and actually improves their personality. There is a pretty big cast of characters and a lot of vice CPs, so if you don’t like that, this novel might not be for you.

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