Divine Stone Gambling Master (Interstellar)

Raws Title: 神级赌石师(星际)

Author: 檀幽筑梦

Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=5272569

Status: 100 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Future, interstellar, transmigrated from apocalypse, abilities, mecha

The Story:

In the apocalypse, our MC awakened the most useless ability, perception. He was able to sense the location of all zombies around him within a certain range. Then on a mission, he was killed and woke up in the future. He accidentally came into contact with stone gambling and discovered that the ability he thought was useless actually made him the strongest in this era. Stone gambling is generally buying stones and betting if they have an energy stone in them or not based on the external appearance. If there is a high quality energy stone in them, a huge profit will be made. In contrast, there can be no stone or broken stones inside and all the money spent buying it will be completely wasted.

Main Characters:

MC: Bai Jing. Bai Jing is from the apocalypse and due to this, he is more of the cold and ruthless type. He is also extremely OP. For those who have read stone gambling novels before, the MC is generally OP because they always have a golden finger that allows them to easily determine if there is a good quality stone inside or not. Our MC’s perception ability is exactly his golden finger but he is even more OP than the main characters of other novels because he isn’t just the best in stone gambling. He is also excellent at extracting the energy from the energy stone (that is used for mechas) and the purity is unprecedented. This can be kind of understandable since it is related to energy stones however, he is also an expert mecha fighter! This is where it gets to the realm of extreme disbelief for me.

ML: Gi Yuanchao, heir to one of the richest families and the youngest major general. He is your typical ML, which made me have a bit of trouble writing up this part since it was hard to find anything that distinctive about him. He discovers Bai Jing’s abilities early on and during the process of supporting Bai Jing, he falls in love.

The Romance:

I consider the romance more minimal in this novel. It was definitely there but nothing stood out and the sweet moments didn’t really get me squealing. There is definitely more focus on the stone gambling and face slapping.

Side Characters:

No particularly distinctive side characters. Bai Jing has two friends that occasionally show up but it is so infrequently that when one of them showed up in the final villain arc, many people forgot who he was. Villains are also one-dimensional and easily forgettable. Basically, a character shows up a bit to be face-slapped and then the next character comes.

Final Thoughts:

This is a decent story. It isn’t excellent but it’s good when you’re in the mood for something OP. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone and it isn’t something I would give a high rating for. The cover was what attracted me to start reading it but somehow, it is really addictive and I ended up reading all of it in one go. So yes, check it out if you are in the mood for a lot of face-slapping and extremely OP MC.

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