Farming with Interstellar People


Status: 252 Chapters (ongoing, regular updates)

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, beastmen, farming, slice of life

Summary: MC is a god of farming who was reborn/transmigrated to an interstellar with beastmen who experience something called gene collapse and use holographic games to soothe their disease. ML experienced a severe genes collapse and reverted to his young form that looks like a cat. He is picked up by MC. In order to soothe his desire to farm, MC creates a farming holographic game.

Thoughts: This is a slice of life novel so the progress is slow and relaxing. Don’t expect big plot points to happen. It is mainly about the MC developing his farming game while getting along with ML. In the interstellar world, there is knowledge about ancient Earth but they can’t reproduce the food because vegetables and ingredients taste differently, so they mainly drink nutrient solutions.

All of the holographic games are fighting games because they believe the best way to soothe their genes collapse is to vent their anger. Therefore, a relaxing, healing game like MC’s farming game is rare for them. The story also takes about their experiences with the game and the funny way they handle everything new. A nice, relaxing slice of life novel that is good to read when you don’t want anything too serious.

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3 months ago

Sounds really cute. I hope you translate this!

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