After Marrying a Big Man, I Became the Most Popular Star of the Interstellar Network


Status: 141 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Interstellar, beasts, transmigration, sweet, wealthy family

Summary: MC transmigrates to an interstellar beast world where Earth people are the rarest species in the university and are carefully raised in an academy. Once MC transmigrates, he is captured and supposed to be sold as a slave, only for ML to rescue him.

ML is a dragon and a grand duke who can possibly become the emperor. MC doesn’t understand the language and his learning is slow. Once he learns the language, he eventually discovers that he married the ML. Videos of him playing with ML in dragon form e.g. sliding down the dragon’s tail are broadcasted, making MC become popular because he is different from the Earth people that most people know about but rarely get to see.

Thoughts: I like that the MC didn’t understand the language right away and took a while to learn. He also had to interact with the ML while having this communication problem. It is generally a sweet and warm story. They also have children, although I forgot if it is was through mpreg or future technology. Many people had problems with the size difference between MC and ML at the beginning. The author did try to explain it eventually, I think, although I’m not sure if it was a satisfactory explanation

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