Meow, I’m Not Full Yet


Status: 96 chapters (completed)

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, cat, food, sweet.

Summary: MC is another species but the aura/energy on Earth was always low and he could never be full. An accident occurred and he ended up in an interstellar world, stuck in the form of a small cat and fell on a human. From then on, the human (ML) because MC’s official poo shoveler.

Thoughts: By the same author as Shh, There’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace and Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World. Those who have read those novels should know what to expect. It is just as fluffy and there are common elements that can be found in the other two novels.

MC is a cat for a lot of the novel. It is also similar to a food novel because MC is always hungry and he describes food a lot. He has another space that came from his ancestors that is mostly blocked at the beginning of the novel. As MC gains more strength via eating, he can slowly open the space’s entrance larger and pull things out. The funny thing is that everything his ancestors left him is something strange related to food, like ingredients that fight back, a pot that can freely change its size etc.

ML is the typical type that completely spoils his cat. He also has another bloodline that the MC slowly unlocks by feeding him weird things and can eventually see that MC’s soul in the form of a human, leading him to develop feelings. Read if you like the author’s other novels but it does have some drawbacks, like the rushed ending. This novel doesn’t even have extra like the previous ones.

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