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Status: 84 chapters (completed)

Translation status: Dropped

Tags: Transmigration, interstellar, system, holographic game, crossing worlds, dragon

Summary: MC is a NPC from a Eastern style holographic game that gradually develops his own consciousness away from the game. ML is a dragon species from an intersteller world. The two of them are bound by a system to help each other complete tasks they can’t do themselves.

Thoughts: This novel is a bit slow at the start while MC is slowly settling in but once the ML starts showing up, it bursts with humor. ML is absolutely hilarious and one of my favourite MLs. He’s so childish yet completely powerful and he absolutely makes a wreck of the holographic game when he takes MC’s form in the game, completely disregarding everything and sometimes making the MC lose points.

The BL in here is a bit slow and they actually only kiss and get together in the extras. However, their relationship is established throughout the novel as their connection deepens and they depend more on each other. I would recommend you read this just for the ML. I absolutely love him.

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