After a Rushed Marriage to a Disabled Giant – Review

Raws Title: 和残疾巨佬闪婚后

Author: 惗肆


Status: 97 chapters (Ongoing, currently on the extras)

Tags: Modern, book world, rich family, face slapping, sweet

The Story: MC finds out his world is a book world and learns he will have a tragic fate if he gets married to his current fiance (that his family forced on him). He ends up marrying the ML, a relative of the fiance and head of the family. This is a sweet marrage novel while also trying to get rid of his fate from the book.

Main Characters:

Our MC is Shi Yunnan. Shi Yunnan doesn’t get along with his family and they sent him abroad early on. He lived as an unwanted child until he was cheated back and told he was to get married to the young master of the Luo family. Just as he was about to run away, he dreamt that his world was actually a book and his tragic ending started from the moment he escaped the marriage. The next morning, he meets the patriarch of the Luo family and ends up getting married to him instead of the Luo family’s young master.

Our ML is Luo Lingsheng. Luo Lingsheng has always been secretly in love with Shi Yunnan but didn’t dare approach after the accident that caused his legs to become disabled. Naturally, he couldn’t refuse Shi Yunnan when the other person proposed marriage. Shi Yunnan was wild and fearless in front of everyone while spoiled in front of Luo Lingsheng. Luo Lingsheng naturally gives in to Shi Yunnan’s whims while trying to hide his love.

The Romance:

The romance between our main couple is extremely sweet. It starts out teasing and spoiled as Shi Yunnan tests the boundaries of their new relationship while Luo Lingsheng naturally spoils him. Later, Shi Yunnan learns that Luo Lingsheng has a white moonlight but isn’t worried. He is confident that he and the relationship they have established is enough to surpass the white moonlight in the past. It is when a certain incident happens that Shi Yunnan tries to distance himself from Luo Lingsheng, but this is quickly resolved. Overall, a very sweet and dog-blood free relationship apart from one or two incidents.

Side Characters:

There is a fairly wide cast of side characters to expand the novel setting. First of all, I can’t forget Luo Lingsheng’s nephew, who lives with his uncle after his parents are killed. This child is extremely cute and smart, even helping our main couple out with their relationship several times. Of course, he also often interrupts their alone time.

There is also Shi Yunnan’s twin brother who takes their mother’s surname Wei instead of their father’s surname and there is some drama with the Wei side of the family that Shi Yunnan helps solve along with his brother. In addition, there is a small cannon fodder enemy who quickly turns into a friend/business partner. This person is the vice-cp and his story is written in a short story that is free to read.

Finally, there are the two main antagonists, Shi Yunnan’s half-brother and Shi Yunnan’s original fiance, the young master of the Luo family. The first half of the story is more focused on Shi Yunnan’s half-brother while the second half is on the young master of the Luo family. As antagonists, their IQ is naturally low and don’t expect a lot of character development from them. In addition, there are multiple small cannon-fodders for face-slapping.

Final Thoughts: A short and good read by the author of I Became Hugely Popular After Becoming a Cannon Fodder Star. They are in the wealthy circle and there are a lot of machinations for family property and business dealings, which leads to a lot of face-slapping. It is a novel I would recommend for people looking for something to read. It is fairly easy to machine translate.

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