Break up, Next


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Status: 93 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Ongoing

Tags: Modern, slag, sweet, mpreg

Summary: MC’s boyfriend of 10 years cheated on him and after BF’s mother, who doesn’t approve of them, tries to make MC participate in an experimental trial to get pregnant, MC finds the courage to break up with slag boyfriend. ML and his son were the ones who encouraged MC not to participate in the trial if he didn’t want to and they end up getting close, eventually falling into a sweet relationship.

Thoughts: There is some dog blood and irritating characters in this novel. You will hate the slag, the slag’s mother and MC’s sister, who ends up falling in love with slag despite knowing he is gay and deliberately gets pregnant with slag’s baby. Slag is gay but wants to have a baby to appease his mother, while still holding onto MC.

ML has a son through a surrogate and the son is extremely cute. He is a big fan of MC and tries to get them together. ML is from a wealthy family but is a warm and kind person and his relationship with MC is sweet. No dog blood drama regarding ML’s family.

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