Monster Inn Rectification Report


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Status: 70 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Ongoing (slow updates)

Tags: Modern, sweet, supernatural

Summary: MC transmigrated into a novel where he is the cannon fodder. In order to avoid his adopted brother who has the blood of a koi and his family who prefers his adoptive brother, he flees far away and ends up the owner of an inn filled with monsters/spiritual creatures.

Thoughts: An overall sweet novel. MC doesn’t want any drama but ends up as the owner of the inn (due to his mysterious relationship with the previous boss). He only wants to develop the inn but ends up getting involved in various mysterious events.

ML is a giant panda who is ashamed of his identity (shameful background where he was young and didn’t know how to control his human form, so he was extremely chubby and people kept making fun of him), so he tries to hide it from MC. One running joke throughout the novel is MC keeps guessing what type of monster he is.

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