My Outside Appearance is Different from My Inner Thoughts


Status: 113 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Transmigration into a book, system, business

Summary: MC is bound to a system and transmigrates to a book where he is in a wheelchair and his task is to find a lover for the ML. Then his legs will be healed. The system leaves after sending him to the book and before leaving, he gives the MC his golden finger, which is reading the ML’s mind. Unfortunately, the golden finger gets intercepted on the way to the MC and the ML ends up with the ability to read the MC’s mind instead.

Thoughts: A cute novel where MC is outwardly cold and indifferent while inside, he is really cute and humorous. I love the way the mind-reading is portrayed in that it appears as a little person in a small bubble who is always doing cute actions or saying cute things. Of course, the parts related to the task are censored, so this can cause misunderstandings with the ML sometimes.

Apart from the cute relationship between the MC and ML, the MC is engaged in business (mainly the artificial intelligence industry). There is so face slapping associated with this part and a lot of the villains are dumb, although they are resolved pretty quickly. Overall, a sweet, cool novel.

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