Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead’s Ex-Boyfriend


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Status: 158 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Ongoing

Tags: Transmigration into Novel, Rebirth, System.

Summary: Dying MC transmigrates into a novel. System tells him that as long as he follows the plot, once his character’s storyline ends, he can continue staying in this world or go back to his old world (not dying anymore). MC’s character originally forced ML to be his boyfriend and after getting tired of him, gave him away to a businessman. On the way to meeting the businessman, ML dies and is reborn, getting revenge on MC by suppressing his business. MC eventually dies a horrible death (but not caused by ML).

In the beginning, MC follows the story plot pretty closely because he will die if he causes the plot to deviate. In the end, everything goes off course because the ML is reborn not once, but twice. In the beginning, the ML was the original. Then there was a car accident and the ML from the end of the novel (i.e. the one who was betrayed and reborn) was reborn again. Thus, ML knows everything that happened in the novel and also knows MC is different.

Thoughts: There’s some drama in this and the relationship between MC and ML is more distrusting than sweet. They’re loving on the surface but they’re always testing each other and have distrusting thoughts under the surface, especially ML who is affected by his memories of the original. It has an interesting plot and is a good read.

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