After I Turned into a Spare Tire, I was Stared at by the Villain and the Male Lead at the Same Time


Status: 154 chapters (Completed_

Tags: Transmigration, system, farming

Summary: MC transmigrates into a cannon fodder who was in love with the female lead (FL), who has the protagonist and villain in love with her. MC tries to remove himself from the FL only to attract the attention of the protagonist and villain (ML).

Thoughts: ML is ruthless and doesn’t hesitate to hurt or kill people. However, this only shows up in a few instances in the novel and MC tries to curb it. MC and ML have a cute bickering type relationship.

MC has to grow peppers as a task for the system and ML ended up eating the first two peppers that grew, making MC furious at him and constantly holds it over ML’s head. He also constantly forces ML to eat the peppers as punishment. ML is weird because he dislikes eating the peppers but he is possessive over them because he knows how much MC values them. So, he gets angry if MC appears to be giving them to someone else and voluntarily eats them, no matter how spicy.

FL and protagonist both have abnormal brain circuits and can be annoying, especially FL. Don’t expect realistic aspects in this novel e.g. protagonist gets amnesia, ML’s background etc.

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