Quick Transmigration

Reviews of all the BL novels that I’ve read with the theme of quick transmigration.

Short definition of quick transmigration: Multiple worlds. The main character has to travel through multiple worlds for various reasons. Due to the nature of the setup, he generally has a system that gives him assigned tasks. In every world he travels to, the MC takes over the body of a person already living in the world and uses that body to complete the task.

Bigshot Cultivator Bewildering People Every Day (修仙大佬万人迷日常)

NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/bigshot-cultivator-bewildering-people-every-day/

Status: 145 chapters (completed)

Tags: Quick transmigration, established relationship, comedic, sequel

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Born to Be Rebellious (天生反骨[快穿])

NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/born-to-be-rebellious-quick-transmigration/

Status: 214 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Quick transmigration, power couple

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Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin (不要在垃圾桶里捡男朋友[快穿])

NU Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/dont-pick-up-boyfriends-from-the-trash-bin/

Status: 283 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Quick transmigration, various systems, revenge

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The King’s Game (國王遊戲[快穿])

English Translation Link: https://chrysanthemumgarden.com/novel-tl/tkg/

Status: 135 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Quick transmigration, sweet, MC loved by all, small number of arcs

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