Bigshot Cultivator Bewildering People Every Day


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Status: 145 chapters (completed)

Translation status: Dropped

Tags: Quick transmigration, established relationship, comedic, sequel

Summary: This is an extremely comedic quick transmigration novel where MC is completely OP since he is already an immortal cultivator and does not care about the rules of the world he goes to. He keeps breaking the rules and shoving dog food into the face of his long-suffering system, eventually being blacklisted by every world he goes to.

Thoughts:  Sequel to another of the author’s novels where MC and ML are the main characters and build up to being the immortal cultivators they are in this book. Since MC and ML are already in an established relationship, you don’t get the build-up because it is almost instant love, but their relationship is extremely sweet and you get scattered hints of what happened in the prequel.

MC and ML are both OP and don’t really experience any problems in the arc. It is mainly a novel with face-slapping the scum in every world and sweet moments between the couple I especially love the ABO arc so if there is any arc you should read, it is this one. Please note that there is a scum to abuse in every world and some of the things they do can be extremely triggering.

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