Born to Be Rebellious


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Translation status: Ongoing

Status: 214 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Quick transmigration, power couple

Summary: MC was a star thief. After being arrested, he was given two options for his sentences. He chose the second one, which was to enter countless worlds and become a miserable character who is tortured. 

Thoughts: So there is a bigger organization hidden behind the option to enter countless worlds and they have secret intentions for making the MC a miserable character in every world. However, the MC is powerful and manages to overturn his fate in every world in fun and interesting ways.

I really liked this and it was easy to read because there were no ancient or cultivation arcs (although fans of those arcs might not like this one). However, worlds can end a bit quickly due to things going against the organization’s plan, making them pull the MC out quickly and entering him into a new world. This can make some arcs feel unresolved.

Overall, it was a quick transmigration I really liked, although I wish that there were more extras to show the actual relationship between the MC and ML after they solved the main problem, not just when they were in the different worlds.

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