Reviews of all the sports-themed BL novels that I’ve read:

I Became A Big Star After I Quit The Entertainment Industry (退出娱乐圈后我成了大明星)

NU Link:

Status: 268 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Sports, system, reborn

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I Became the God of Cooking After I Quit the Sports Circle (退出体育圈后我成了厨神)

Status: 305 chapters (completed)

Tags: Sports, system, competition

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Ice Skating is More Suitable for Me to Participate in the Olympics (花滑 我还是更适合参加奥运)

Status: 233 Chapters

Tags: Figure skating, competitive, sports.

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My Boyfriend and I Swept Through the Swimming World (我跟我男友横扫世界泳坛)

Status: 166 chapters (ongoing, regular updates)

Tags: Sports, swimming, competitive

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My Smell is Damn Charming (我的味道该死的迷人[花滑])

NU Link:

Status: 64 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Sports, pairs figure skating, competitive, rebirth, self-cest, ABO, gong MC.

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