I Became the God of Cooking After I Quit the Sports Circle

Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4559672

Status: 305 chapters (completed)

Tags: Sports, system, competition

Series: Second in the trilogy. Link to review of the first novel in the trilogy

Summary: The second in the author’s sports trilogy. The first novel is linked above. MC admits that he has no talent in running and quits the sports field. As a result, he is bound to a system that makes him practice basic cooking skills. He thinks that he is going to become a chef and gets a job to help out in the kitchen of the sports team, only to realize that he can see the data of the athletes eating his food. As a result, he embarks on the path of becoming a genius coach.

Thoughts:  MC is a coach rather than an athlete in this novel. As a result, the events that are mentioned in the novel are more widespread and there is a wider range of characters due to the people he coaches or helps coach. ML is a genius hurdles player who has extremely sensitive taste buds, which weren’t discovered until MC started cooking for the team. Romance is still minimal but more than the first book, since ML appears more often and it is more understandable. I liked it more than the first book. 

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