Ice Skating is More Suitable for Me to Participate in the Olympics


Status: 233 Chapters

Tags: Figure skating, competitive, sports.

Summary: MC is an idol who dies from overworking. He is reborn to a young age and decides to help out his uncle, who is an ice skating coach but hasn’t really succeeded in bringing anyone to the top. 

Thoughts:  MC is reborn to an extremely young age and meets the ML, who will eventually become a genius doctor. They are friends for a long time so it takes a while for the romance to begin. MC isn’t really interested in ice skating at the start and keeps at it only for his uncle’s sake. He is fairly OP when it comes to skating but its also realistic. He struggles with thoughts of retirement (because he knows he is going to become extremely tall in the future and it will be hard for him to continue ice skating). He gets injuries like all athletes and has to recuperate from them for a while. There is also a wide range of interesting characters. Good novel to read if you are interested in ice skating or competitive novels. However, don’t expect a lot of romance from it. Romance is very minimal in this novel. In addition, the author wrote another version where the MC wasn’t reborn and chose to start ice skating due to other reasons.

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5 months ago

Do you know where I can read the English version? Even mlt. I remember seeing it but I can’t find it anymore.

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