My Boyfriend and I Swept Through the Swimming World


Status: 74 chapters (ongoing, regular updates)

Tags: Sports, swimming, competitive

Summary: MC has loved swimming all his life but due to being too poor, he never received any formal training. In university, a university coach discovered his swimming talent. She took him in and trained him so that he eventually sweeps through the world with his swimming talent, along with his boyfriend who is also a swimmer and the coach’s son.

Thoughts:  This is still ongoing and I haven’t read all the available chapters yet. I’m letting it stack up. The MC is a bit OP with his swimming talent in various swimming styles but it is a good sports novel where you cheer along with the MC and ML as they go through training and various competitions to reach the top of the world. Unlike other sports novels that I’ve read, the MC and ML develop feelings for each other pretty quickly, although I haven’t reached the point where they have got together yet. 

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