My Smell is Da*n Charming


NU Link:

Status in raws: 62 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Teaser, 8 chapters translated

Tags: Sports, pairs figure skating, competitive, rebirth, self-cest, ABO, gong MC.

Summary: In an ABO world, MC is reborn years earlier in the body of an alpha (he was originally an omega) who died early. He ends up partnering with his younger self in pairs skating.

Thoughts: This contains a lot of my guilty pleasures and I like the way they integrate ABO into it. The main ABO aspect is pheromones. When an alpha and omega’s pheromones combine together when skating, they can release a pleasing scent that affects the audience. This means that pair skaters mainly focus on the compatibility between scents when deciding partners. Meanwhile, both MC and ML have stinky pheromones and end up pairing up. MC doesn’t fall in love with himself straight away and he does resist a bit but overall, their relationship is sweet. 

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