After the Little Crybaby Enters the Nightmare Cycle


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Translation status: Ongoing.

Status: 127 Chapters (completed)

Tags: unlimited flow, slight self-cest aspects, power couple.

Summary: MC was trapped in a painting and accidentally entered the body of a blind, rich young master who died. Due to being in the painting for too long, the only emotion he will show is crying and he will cry when he is touched or when he eats sweets. Years later, he ends up entering the nightmare world where if he gains enough points, he can achieve his wishes which include regaining his vision and to stop crying.

Thoughts: Despite the summary, MC isn’t weak despite crying and his tears actually contain a strong power against ghosts. ML is a dream maker (someone who designs the instances they have to go through) and is the real master of the body that MC is in. This is why I say there are some self-cest aspects in that ML falls in love with MC who is in his body. It is a really good and short UF novel. Despite being short, everything feels resolved fairly well and the ending isn’t rushed.

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