Congratulations on Your Successful Escape


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Status in raws: 225 chapters (Completed)

Translation status: Ongoing

Tags: Escape game, horror

Summary: MC is drawn to another world along with other players and discovers it is an escape game where they have to stay alive. After clearing one world, they will return to reality for a certain period of time before being pulled into another game. ML isn’t a player but a strange existence that was the big boss in the first game. As MC was going to be killed by ML, he bites ML and manages to escape. However, they end up bound and ML can show up in reality (weakly at first but eventually more and more) and in MC’s other games, not being able to directly interfere but can help slightly.

Thoughts: I liked some of the games in this. But unlike other novels in the genre, this task involves surviving, not figuring out a mystery. Thus, sometimes it can seem less interesting. MC is smart and doesn’t always rely on ML to survive. The ending and explanation were a bit confusing, maybe because it was through MTL.

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