The Days When I Pretended to be an NPC in an Escape Game


Status: 306 chapters (Completed)

Tags: Unlimited flow, acting, power couple

Summary: MC enters an unlimited flow game and unlike other players, MC likes to pretend to be an NPC, making other players unable to tell he is a player. ML is an old player of the game and is like a lie detector. So it is actor MC x lie detected ML.

Thoughts:  I really liked the first two arcs of this. MC is an actor and has a mysterious past, where he has sealed off parts of his emotions (and strength). He only likes acting so when he enters the UF game, he straight away gets into his role and pretends to be an NPC, being low-key until eventually clearing the instance.  However, arcs do become increasingly more complicated and hard to understand (looking at you, third arc). Therefore, this is on pause after the third arc until it is completely finished.

Update: After checking again, I’ve found that the novel has been completed. I will read it soon and give an updated review on final thoughts.

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