Non-Human Player


Status: 221 chapters (Ongoing)

Tags: Unlimited flow, puzzles, gaming, streaming

Summary: MC is a non-human (artificial human) and as such, has no rights. He and other non-humans live in a facility and are forced to be anchors for entertainment, participating in several games that are quite detailed. MC was one of the strongest anchors until he was reset for some reason, losing all his memories. ML is an old player and seems to have some relationship with MC in the past.

Thoughts: The background is very depressing but the games are detailed and interesting. E.g. first game players are divided into two camps, each assigned a different role with different skills. Players have to determine the general of the opposite camp and kill them. MC is extremely smart and ML is strong. Still ongoing but games so far are good. Hopefully, the ending doesn’t go off the tracks.

Update: Unfortunately, the author’s updates for this novel are extremely slow and irregular. It has been ages since I paused this and it still hasn’t been completed. The author updates a few chapters and then disappears for months. This means that this is probably going on my dropped list.

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