Opening a Store in the Nightmare World


Status: 162 chapters (Completed)

NU Link:

Translation status: Completed

Tags: Unlimited flow, horror, supernatural

Summary: MC was in a coma until he found himself in a mysterious store. There are doors where he can travel between the real world and a nightmare world where he can obtain items to sell. The store healed his illness for a certain period of time and he can extend this lifespan using the store. The items he sells are random items he picks up in the Nightmare World, such as toilet paper, a vase etc. He can see the function of the items and their ratings. ML is the ghost possessing an umbrella he obtained (?). Haven’t read far enough to know his true identity.

Thoughts: Similar to the other unlimited flow novels in that people are drawn to instances and have to do tasks or survive. The difference is that MC can voluntarily enter and leave at any time. So he can either pretend to be a player or one of the NPCs. I’ve just started it and haven’t read all the released chapters, but seems interesting so far.

Update: I haven’t finished reading this due to the spoilers I’ve received. Apparently, it is more like no CP then BL. The author rushed the ending and the romance is so light that is almost absent. Still, if you read it with the expectations of no pairing rather than romance, it might be a good read.

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