Pig Teammate in a Thriller Game is Overturned Everyday

Link: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4969143

Status: 163 Chapters (ongoing)

Tags: unlimited flow, comedic, system

Summary: MC enters the UF game and is bound to a Pig Teammate system at the same time. He has to be a pig teammate and the faster he dies, the more rewards he can earn. Of course, if he clears the instance then he can also get the usual rewards from winning. 

Thoughts: This is one of the funny type UF novels and isn’t that scary. MC is constantly trying to die but due to his bad luck or other factors, he keeps surviving and making people misunderstand his actions. There is a streaming part as well so players outside the instance can see his actions. ML is a ghost in the game and many times, his actions help save MC. It is funny but also a bit repetitive due to MC’s actions of always trying to die but failing. Currently paused at the end of the fourth arc. Will read again when it is completely finished.

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