Lingoes is a machine translation program with dictionary options as well. While the main function is for machine translations, I mainly use the dictionary function when translating Korean novels. This is what the interface looks like.

As you can see, there is a small number of machine translation engines. I just don’t like using it because it often has problems connecting with the machine translation engine, especially when your Internet is bad. In addition, I have to change it individually one by one rather than seeing all the results, like Qtranslate does.

I find that the best function is the dictionaries function. There is a dictionaries option page.

Here, you can download dictionaries and select the ones you want to use. As you can see, I’ve mostly downloaded Korean to English dictionaries. Once the dictionaries are installed and the box ticked, you can use them.

In order to use the dictionary, simply paste the word at the top bar and it will automatically change to a matching result. You can click on the arrow button next to where you pasted the word to switch between dictionaries.

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