QTranslate is one of my favorite programs to use when machine translating Chinese novels. This is what the interface looks like

.The reason I like it is that it combines a variety of machine translation programs together in one window for easy viewing of various machine translation engines.

If you go to the options section, you will find a variety of machine translation engines that you can select. The options might seem limited but it has the main translation engines for Chinese translations, which is Google, Baidu and Microsoft. I consider Baidu to be the best for Chinese machine translations. In addition, Papago can do Chinese translations but it is mainly useful for Korean translations, if you want to machine translate Korean.

If you can see the arrow buttons next to the ‘add dictionary’ button, these buttons allow you to order the translation engines in the order you like. I have google translate at the top so that is the very first option that will show, but you can arrange the order to your liking.

In addition, the basic setting is for only one translation engine to show at a time. Many people have asked me how I got multiple translation engines showing in the box. It is actually very simple to adjust.

If you look at the very bottom, you will find various buttons that have all the translation engines that you’ve selected showing. As you can see, the Baidu button is the only one selected. That means that only the Baidu translation result is showing. In order to select all of them, you just have to right click on each button until they are all selected. Then it will look like the below image.

You might have notice something slightly different with this image, which is the bar in the middle that allows you to select the language to translate from and translate into. I generally hide this bar since I don’t need it, but if you are translating various languages then it might be useful for you.

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